Inspiring a woman to know herself. 

Welcome back to yourself.

Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care through Menstrual Cycle Awareness is for women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves and the cycles of life. To understand the ebbs and flows of moods & creativity, and to create the life they desire.

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A Radical New Approach to Women’s Health,Wellness & Leadership.

Hearing about Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care through Menstrual Cycle Awareness, maybe the first time a woman realizes that the menstrual cycle is a transformational map to Wellness, Creativity and Leadership. If you are a Woman who:  Wants to tame your PMT, while staying true to your Truth. Cares about the environment and aspires to understand the qualities and seasons of being a woman. Is a feminist and desires to be a Change Maker, is interested in spirituality and wants to explore the Gifts and Powers of being incarnated as a woman. Experiences painful, or debilitating periods and wants the freedom to still Love life.Then this Course is For You x Sharing this wisdom and knowledge of the menstrual cycle as a barometer for women’s self care, gives us the freedom to share knowledge and to know ourselves beyond our limiting beliefs.

The program is transformational; teaching and inspiring women to know themselves through Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

The first of its kind, this leading edge course is backed by research, evidence, and the innate wisdom that has been passed from women to women through meeting and sharing.

It integrates, up to date research, with the science behind mindfulness, as well as daily practices and menstrual cycle awareness, psychology, and women’s practices for Self-Care.

A Woman who attends this course will experience a deeper relationship with herself. Giving her greater clarity and direction to make meaningful and impactful choices about her work, relationships and well-being.

This course is a remembering of what we already know deep in our cellular organism and wide in our hearts. Women are awesome Beings, and that includes you.

What Women Are Saying

Hear the voices of women who have attended  Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care through Menstrual Cycle Awareness course.

The course has totally transformed my relationship with my menstrual cycle. I have deepened not only my understanding but also my connection with my feminine rhythms and flow. With these insights comes more compassion and a permission to take care of myself, something that us women can sometimes neglect. I feel so much more empowered with my menstrual cycle and it really helps to view my world with a lens of which day I am!

Trish V

Educational Consultant

I never knew how important it was to connect with my menstrual cycle. Now i’m like a new women! My family have all benefited. They all know where I am in my cycle so can adapt to my moods and energy levels. Its also been a gift to begin sharing this knowledge with my Daughter. Bringing Mindfulness to my to do list and making time to put me first has been transformational. I am much calmer and kinder to myself and developed a trust of my own cyclical intuitive nature.

Anna J

Film Maker and Journalist

I thought following the menstrual cycle was for hippies. Women who had all the time in the world to look at the moon and dance bare foot around a camp fire. It turns out that this simply isn’t true! I met creative and intelligent women on the course. Just like me they were longing for connection to something larger than themselves while being able to participate actively in taking responsibility for making a difference in the world.I would recommend the course to every woman.

Georgi J

Women’s Coach
True Story

The Secret of Success – Our bodies are like a barometer for Self-Care.

When we track our menstrual cycles, and understand, whilst befriending the messages it brings to us, we discover how our cyclical nature can truly benefit all that we do.


Experience body changes, sensations and pain as Self-Care advisers.


Befriend the critic, love the wild woman and encourage freedom.


Cultivate resilience and empathy by Allowing the tides to be tides.


Remembering  our connection with all women and life cycles.

True Story

The Seasons of our Cycles.

As we witness the seasons and cycles of nature, so to can we witness our natural cycles month by month. Have you ever experience feeling on top of the world, or been a social butterfly, and a few weeks later you are wondering why you cant even be bothered to return messages, or are angry in your friendships? Sobbing “whats wrong with me?” Well there’s nothing wrong with you, you are perfect in every way. You just haven’t learnt how to listen and respond to the power and wisdom of your menstrual cycle.


Energetic, magnetic. Out in the world, shining for all to see.


Inward focus. The need to rest and repair. Good time for Dreamtime.


Letting go of all that hasn’t severed, speaking truth with authority.


Vulnerable and delicate as the newly sprung flowers.


Find the the course that’s right for you.

Captured your intuitive interest?   Find out more about Courses and Deep Dives.  Click here and find the the course that’s right for you.

Participating in the course you will discover:-

Wk 1 Welcome Back

Embarking on this Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care course, you are invited to come  into a direct experiential experience. Discover your own stories and create your own intimate connection and understanding, that will support you to  cultivate greater levels of insight, well-being and creativity also known as  Self-Care. In this session you will learn about: Mindsets and Attitudes, Conceptual and Experiential ways of knowing and Mindfulness of Breathing. You will meet other members of the group and create a safe space for learning and exploring.

Wk 2 The Familiar stranger –Self Awareness & Intuitive Wisdom

Reintroducing ourselves to the wisdom of our body and mind gives us greater autonomy to discern what is in our experience in any given moment, and act with skillfulness In this session, you will learn about: The seasons of your menstrual cycle and the benefits of charting cycles. How you can step out of automatic pilot and be present to your life, and the practice of tuning into and listening to the body.

“Knowledge is power”

Wk 3 Moving from overwhelm to centre

Just being aware of how the mind works is a major step toward learning how to recognize things as they actually are, rather than believing our opinions and judgments. In this session, you will learn about: The qualities of Being and Doing modes of mind. The neuroscience of mindfulness and how it calms your nervous system. The practice of Self Soothing and navigating the seasons of your menstrual cycle.

Wk 4 Dancing with the wild women

As we move through our menstrual cycle with a friendly awareness we begin to see where we get “hooked” by avoiding or attaching to our thoughts patterns and moods. In this session, you will learn about: How the mind interprets our experience and how you can change the way you respond and be more savvy and thoughtful. Find out where you experience natural creativity in the cycle and how you can harvest it. The practice of Mindfulness Movement and Down Time.

Wk 5 Befriending Vulnerability

Our exquisite ability to sense changes in our physical, emotional, psychological, environmental and relational dimensions strengthens each time we practice mindful awareness. In this session, you will learn about: Where patterns of avoidance show in your cycle and how to approach these times with consideration and kindfulness. Noticing thoughts that effect your mood and how you can upgrade your relationship to them. The practice of Sitting and Me Time.

Wk 6 Courage to face the darker hours

When the storms and winds descend into our internal and external environments, it is our knowing that leads us safely through the journey. We learn how to ride the waves to shore. In this session, you will learn about: How to befriend the critic and turn towards the gold she has to offer, and how to respond to heightened feelings with curiosity and interest. The Sounds & Thoughts practice.

Wk 7 From Fear to Trust

 One thing we can be certain of is change. Resisting or denying what is already fact only creates more tension. We practicing Mindfulness, we come to be with just how we are in the moment, as best we can, compassionately relating to whatever is arising, without having to change anything.  In this session, you will learn about: Allowing and letting be and their qualities to help support you when moving through your cycle. Meeting your Wild Power practice.


Wk 8 The Flow of our Moments

Our general well-being and our ability to respond skilfully to the challenges of our lives can be powerfully influenced by what we do moment to moment, hour to hour, from day to day. To understand ourselves more fully, knowing what can trigger our moods can make all the difference to the choices we make. In this session, you will learn about: Cycle Awareness and how to recognize what depletes and what nourishes you, and how to make better choices to strengthen self-care. The practice of Mindful Walking.

Wk 9 Embracing all that you are

As women, we cycle through many different moods and emotions that effect our actions and judgments. The healing power of mindfulness lies in each moment. As fully as we can, accepting ourselves in each moment, we can open to what comes next, in the next moment and have clarity and calm.  In this session, you will learn about: The patterns of your own menstrual cycle. To review and apply meaningful self-care routines and habits. The practice of Self-compassion.  

Wk 10 Weaving the Thread of certainty in an ever changing world

When we know our true nature, we become aware of the inter-connectedness of all our experiences.  Celebrating our seasons with eloquence and brilliance. In this session, you will learn about:  Prioritizing self-care, and celebrating all you are! 

Connection with Yourself and Other Women

Finding others who can share your journey is a blessing. To be seen, to be heard and to be celebrated, is a gift that just keeps giving.

Healing and Inspiration

The Menstrual cycle is an essential journey into health and wholeness. It is a healing system that can guide us into Self-Care of nutrition, fertility, relationships, emotional resilience, creativity and spirituality to name a few.

Find the the course that’s right for you.

Captured your intuitive interest?   Find out more about Courses and Deep Dives.  Click here and find the the course that’s right for you.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Train to teach Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care through  Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

Be part of a group of influential women to shape the teacher training pathway.
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About Us

Elaine Rose Leela. Founder of Mindfulness for Women’s Self-Care

 I had experienced the menstrual cycle as an inconvenience. It brought with it each month physical, emotional and psychological pain. Pain and inconvenience I would do everything to avoid. Then something miraculous happened. I came across the work of Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Bringing mindful awareness to my daily experience, turning towards, rather than avoid or criticize it, I began to cultivate emotional regulation and a kindful, compassionate attitude. These impacted my entire life. I have become creative, productive, interested in deepening relationships, assertive in my Yes’s and No’s and the greatest of all, it has given me a spiritual connection to my innate nature as a women.